Rurban Landscapes

In a city growing as rapidly as Calgary, the soul of the past is being replaced with the shiny and new. And yet, there remain structures which have been around longer than those who enter them. These buildings exist in stark contrast to the modernity surrounding them, giving them a distinctly rural feel despite being well-within city limits. The vision behind Rurban Landscapes was to give these fatigued facades some respite from the busy streets. The final images are a digital combination of aged urban structures and scenic rural landscapes.


What Are You Doing?

Through the eyes of a pedestrian, What Are You Doing presents mature homes in the dead of night which offer a subtle suggestion of the goings-on within their walls.  

For the inhabitants of these homes, how they present their private residence projects a particular image for others to interpret evoking feelings ranging from admiration, ridicule, or indifference.

The privacy of night allows for images to be captured free of the extraneous detail revealed during daylight. A reading lamp illuminates a drawn shade, a single bulb reveals a doorway, the ambient glow of a street light paints the building's facade. 

What are you doing is also a common question posed to me while I photograph at night. A man standing behind a camera mounted on a tripod has been found to attract the attention of a variety of people partaking in the evening's events, from police officers, to strolling lovers, to curious characters of all walks of life. Everyone wants to know: what are you doing?